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Élodie Lefebvre’s work is developed around duality. The variety of tools she uses, video, installation, volume, engraving, drawing, form a multifaceted picture of her universe.

Since 1998, she has staged the ambiguities and balances of power that animate human relations. Pushed into its expressive capabilities, the theatricalized body is at the center of her installations and videos.
In 2001, parallel to her artistic work, her research takes the form of documentary films.
She collaborates with choreographers of international dimension. During this period, she incorporates the question of the role of the visitor in her work.
In 2004, she presents the mechanized pieces Balançoires amoureuses and Le Lit, which is an interactive device. The body is absent and leaves room for symbolic objects replaying the score as an echo to “the immense, faceless Someone” of which Maurice Blanchot speaks in the space of literature. Today Élodie Lefebvre develops new projects with one main question: how to apprehend mankind, and the living in general, in the modalities of today?